Heaven Genderfck
Photo credit: the self-timer on my camera
Montreal's Ultimate Masterpiece


Known for their queer alternative looks and take on gender,
Heaven Genderfck is a performer & costume designer active in the Drag, Burlesque & Circus communities.
Teasing the hairy lines between burlesque and drag since 2014.
They’ve been performing in their hometown of MONTREAL, Canada 📍 
as well as Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa & Vermont. 
Slowly genderfucking their way to worldwide domination!

Heaven has always been attracted to art from an early age.
Their love of Sci-Fi got them intrigued by body painting and prosthetic makeup, where the canvas for drawing, painting & sculpting turned to live models. 
Wanting to do Special Effects makeup for movies, Heaven moved from their little hometown to study at Lasalle College in Montreal.
After graduating in 2011 as a Makeup Artist, following a series of events Heaven was introduced to the world of Drag. 
As a circus and theatre performer, Drag was the perfect amalgamation between live performance and visual art to express their creativity. They started diving into the format a few years later.
Seamstress Magicien

Completely self-taught, Heaven started altering clothes and making costumes for Halloween and for fun from an early age. Later on, this became very helpful to complete their vision when they began their journey as a performer.

Trained Hat Maker
Heaven had the chance to learn from a master where they worked for 3 years as a full-time hat maker, making shaped felt hats and fascinators for events & runways.
You can now see people wearing GENDERFCKED headwear & accessories for casual, everyday fashion, and their costumes pieces on stages in Montreal and all over the world!



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